26/11/18 - Oromocto Residential Development Update (1)

Dear Welamukotuk First Nation residents, Personalized Building Solutions (PBS) is honoured to take part in the new 20-family residential development being built right now in the community. As the project manager of this development, we are focused on delivering 4 bungalows and 8 duplexes by summer 2019.

To assure full transparency within the process, our company will post project updates on a weekly basis.

Please find below this week's update covering from October 17, 2018 up to today.

As of today, our team has completed the foundations for all residences which includes footing installation, mounting of walls and installation of drain tiles. Furthermore, rough plumbing has also been completed in all the basements.

All the residences are backfilled and we are now at the point of receiving the building materials and installing the structures (Walls, Windows, Sheeting & Floors). We already have started to install some Sub-flooring has you can see in the pictures below:

Foundation Construction:

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